Hi! I'm a creative working in the digital sphere


My name is Kevin Halliday (or KJ) and I am a project manager dealing design projects across Australia. I am an experienced writer, artist and website developer. I bring a wealth of experience to all of my projects and work hard for all of my clients and employers.

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What can I assist you with?

I have the experience to help your business bloom online.

Content Production


I can help you create a range of written and video based content for your business or for personal use. This includes video editing, rewriting services and more.

Web Design


We can provide a fast and affordable web design service to help your business stand out online. Combine this with our  graphic design, copywriting and video production work for a highly effective web presence. 

Project Management


I can help you with any sized online project you might have. I am happy to quote based on specifications. I also have a team of design professionals who work with me, so whenever you hire me, you have an entire team at your project’s disposal.

What is Double Foot?

Double Foot comes from a very short film I made during my University days. It kind of stuck, and so it has still been my business name since. I also own and operate SocialStep.com.au which has since taken over from Double Foot to provide design and content production services to the public. Double Foot Productions is now used for my own projects and for larger clients requiring a freelancer to work for them.

My Biography

I grew up outside of a small country town in rural New South Wales, Australia. I am the son of a shearer and have done my own share of farm work and manual labour. My father always said, “I don’t care what you do, as long as you don’t become a shearer”. So I guess, eventually I understood the advice as work smarter not harder, and this is what I hope to bring to all of my clients and employers.

 I graduated from the University of New England with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in communication studies. This was way back in 2001, on the cusp of the information age, and even then I understood the impact that online communication would have. These days I work primarily with business branding and web design, but I always work on my own projects in digital art, photography, poetry and writing.

I believe that small business is the best business, as they are always started with the right intentions – to fulfil a dream, provide for a family, and to experience the freedom of being your own boss.

I hope that I can work with you and help you acheive your own dreams, just as my wife and I are living ours. If you’re still at that startup phase, then I hope my blog Online Business Thought can be of some assistance, remember to


Dream, Create and Grow!

Where have I worked before?


Social Step

Lead Project Manager

I oversee all operations of SocialStep.com.au from content production, website design, graphic design and marketing. I am also in charge of an amazing team of creative professionals!


Pocadot Invitations

Marketing and Web Development

I have worked with Pocadot Invitations since its beginnings, and so I am involved in all aspects of online marketing and web development. We have turned Pocadot from a new wedding stationery business into a leading Australian wedding business.


Web Profits

Assistant Editor

In charge of content production and research liaising with a team of over 20 writers, with 50-100 clients. Helped develop their entire content production process.


Complete Online Marketing

Head Content Writer

As the head content writer, I was in charge of producing copy for a range of client’s websites. I was also in charge of producing SEO friendly content and content for assisting with reputation management.

Clients I have worked with

Since working solely for my own business, I have had the pleasure of working with many Australian and international businesses. I have helped with project management, marketing, web design, graphic design and more. These are just a few of my clients.

Last chance! Let me know how I can help

I can help your business improve thanks to my knowledge and experience in the online world. Scroll down and get in touch today, you won’t regret it!

How to contact me

The best way to get in touch is through my company Social Step.

However, feel free to give me a call or email directly from my details below:

Enter your name and email below and I will be in touch personally


Write me an E-Mail



Mo. – Fr.  9 am – 5 pm

0422 144 210 in Australia.

Social Step Australia

We are located on the lovely Central Coast. Get in touch if you would like to arrange a meeting. I also travel to Sydney and Newcastle for appointments as needed.

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