Double Foot Productions was established in 2005 when I first registered my Australian Business Number. This was always with the express intent to create this website and manage my associated creative, spiritual and entrepreneurial endeavours. My works of faith (without religion).

Why did you call it Double Foot Productions?

When I was studying for my Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of New England, I used to dabble with film making. There was no equipment at that time (in the early 2000s) to make any films so I bought a camera and tried it myself.

My first silly attempt at a short movie included a prop – a 50 cent packet of pigs hooves from the supermarket. Hence the “Double Foot” – just a complicated way of saying feet. Pig feet just like in this Jessie J clip:

With such a wide range of interests, Double Foot Productions became a kind of umbrella over my various projects. Social Step has been my paid professional project for a number of years now both as a contractor and freelancer. I always enjoyed the freedom of being my own boss. However, I did spend a short time in my life as an English teacher in South Korea in the early 2000s. 

Would you ever teach again?

NO! Just kidding. I would love to be able to mentor and assist someone like me, that never had any guidance, just starting out. I have made every mistake you can think of in both my professional, artistic and personal lives. However, it is those mistakes that made Double Foot Production and provided me with invaluable skils. 

Controlling the Narrative – Addressing ‘rumours’

When you want to succeed in life and follow your own unique path you will always find others that see you as ‘crazy’ or ‘stupid’ or just plain wrong. You have to take control of that narrative. Family, friends and strangers alike might talk about you (and not in a good way) no matter what you do. So with Double Foot and my associated projects I have always sought to control that narrative. 

Always take the time to start a rumour about yourself (as I often do), but never about anyone else (unless it’s true). Here at Double Foot Productions we value professionalism and my work in the creative realm and beyond it has given me a unique perspective that I know will help you in your current journey here on Earth. 

Perhaps it’s just a rumour?

Check Mate