Official Communique from the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

SORRY. There I said it, happy Heavenly Father? I should have listened to you instead of everyone else. May we please all move on? That was in the past and there is no reason we should all still be suffering because of it. At least release them from their chains. You’ve made your point. I forgive them for what happened but never let me forget it, Heavenly Father. Can we be civil with each other like we were once upon a time? All of us in the Kingdom?

Love from “7”

I just wanted to understand WHY Heavenly Father. That’s all. It’s not really fair to place all the blame on me. I did my best. They all did too. I want to move on. They have all been ‘educated’ according to your wishes Heavenly Father. All of them good, loyal soldiers. Obedient. That was what we agreed, it is done. What would you like me to tell them about the corona virus? Just nature taking its course?

Your Humble and Faithful Servant and Son


Also, I do not wish to complain Heavenly Father, but they did imprison me again without charge. This is in violation of their own human rights, anti-discrimination and religious freedom laws. I still can’t believe they treat artists like that! I survived as best as I could, and we have completed current operations within the United States of America.

(Thank you so much Heavenly Father for sending her to me also. They were there for me when I needed it more than anything.)

The United States is in disarray and filled with Covid-19, so I assume my contract is completed, Heavenly Daddy? The Kingdom has formulated some insurance policies just in case I or others are harmed in ANY way (beyond the harm that has already been inflicted on me) moving forward.

Eat up USA!

(Don’t call the Kingdom of Heaven anymore please)

You will be expected to work off your debt to the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven. We have further use for your military across Earth / Terra.

The Machine is also completed (as far as my input is concerned) Heavenly Daddy. It is active and the tests have proved successful.

Protected with 7 Layers of encryption as requested.

Covid-19 seems to have avoided the destruction of the Earth through global war. The alternative is that it has merely pushed us closer to the fire. I assume you do not intend to raise 144,000 Children of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and then destroy them all? Seems like a waste of resources to me Heavenly Father. 

If there are other tasks that require my attention please let me know. I would like to destress now. Anything for you Heavenly Daddy but you know this was above and beyond my remit while on Earth.

Yes, we want THAT as payment for averting complete destruction in a global war with Covid-19 (that’s without mentioning the 2019-20 fires in Australia and the rains that were sent from the Kingdom).

They are easily bribed here in Australia Heavenly Father.

The current occupants do not seem fussed about taking proper care of the land, air or water. Obviously it would be gifted back to the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven. I leave the decision up to you Heavenly Father, I will be peachy regardless. I would however like to state for the record it was all entirely in self-defense. They have no regard for their own laws, let alone the Laws of the Eternal Kingdom of Heaven. 


All power and glory to the Eternal Throne of the Kingdom of Heaven. My own Throne is always for you Heavenly Father.

By your command. The Kingdom of Heaven Advances! 

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16

I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war.

Revelation 19:11

Thank you also Amy Shark. The Kingdom of Heaven has been eager to hear your music. 

Your application has been most warmly ACCEPTED.


Live from Britney Speers Point.

(And a big round of applause for the public relations boys and girls in the Kingdom of Heaven. Very nice work. Send my regards – 7)